Hello World! - Reflections

Hello world!

As someone who works in tech, I'm legally obligated to always craft new beginnings with the oldest programming reference in the book.

I started this blog, The Lilac Lily, to write about my experiences and musings during this time in my life. It's going to be about working in technology, autism and developmental disorders, family, friends, startups, transitioning, and hopefully baking and opening a YouTube channel.

It's been an interesting year. I've discovered myself way more, made new friends, and changed my identity in a big 180. 

To start with, I'm transgender. It's still a topic that's fairly taboo, and sometimes it's easier to pretend even still that I'm not. I'm actually pretty new at this - I started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) about 5 months ago (as of December 2017 - aka the now). I'm a male-to-female transgender individual, working her way through transition. My name's Lily -- if the blog name didn't give that away. '

I want to provide a methodological approach to understanding transgender individuals and transition in general, so I'll try to include lots of facts and figures and weird data nonsense. I'll try to cite my sources, but let's be honest - I was terrible at that even when it was for a grade.

I work in technology. As of today, I engineer ads on LinkedIn with my team. We make money and that's awesome, and the people are great.

I also work on startups. I'm the Chief Technology Officer/Product Champion/girl "who wrote the codebase" for Chronaly, a mobile application devoted to helping individuals with developmental disabilities achieve better health outcomes by providing them and their caregivers/doctors/therapists access to data that matters. 

All opinions on this blog are mine alone, and do not intend to represent Chronaly, Inc. or LinkedIn (or our parent company Microsoft).

I hope you enjoy reading this or it's helpful or something. 


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