New year, new you (literally this time!)

2018 is going to be interesting. I can't say I've had many boring years, in both good and bad ways; but I have to say this coming year is guaranteed to be life-changing in many ways.

On the 2nd of January (also known as 2 days from now), I'm going to be having what's called facial feminization surgery with Dr. Joel Beck of Bay Area Aesthetic Surgery. I won't go into too many specifics - in fact, if you're curious, Alexandra Hamer of Virtual FFS does a fantastic job explaining what it is and why it's a thing - but the gist is turning a male-looking face into a female-looking one. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; but there's definitely mathematics and statistics to back up what makes a "male" face versus a "female" face. Ta-da.

"But wait Lily, you're so pretty/you look like a normal (probably not the best word to use) woman/why would you get plastic surgery"

Well, as a SoCal girl, I have to do it for cultural reasons,…

On Vocal Training and the Holidays

Part of transitioning, at least for most male-to-female folks, includes a healthy amount of vocal therapy - speech therapy with the goal to "un-masculinize" your voice, whatever that means for you (raising the pitch, changing the resonance, etc). While there's surgery for certain cases to help, of course surgery sucks (see my next post on facial surgery - or rather Lily's first experience in 2018).

Vocal therapy for me started with the lovely Dr. Maureen O'Conner at Peninsula Associates in Menlo Park, CA in August (1 month HRT). Unfortunately, she was out of network, so I had the honor of paying between $1,000 and $2,000 before my insurance finally started paying out (that's for another story in itself).

She's a great person, and made me feel great about my voice. She told me I could definitely improve it, and so I got to work...

For the first few months, I didn't see much results. People always told me I sounded gay (whatever that means - I think it …

Hello World! - Reflections

Hello world! As someone who works in tech, I'm legally obligated to always craft new beginnings with the oldest programming reference in the book.
I started this blog, The Lilac Lily, to write about my experiences and musings during this time in my life. It's going to be about working in technology, autism and developmental disorders, family, friends, startups, transitioning, and hopefully baking and opening a YouTube channel.
It's been an interesting year. I've discovered myself way more, made new friends, and changed my identity in a big 180. 
To start with, I'm transgender. It's still a topic that's fairly taboo, and sometimes it's easier to pretend even still that I'm not. I'm actually pretty new at this - I started hormone replacement therapy (HRT) about 5 months ago (as of December 2017 - aka the now). I'm a male-to-female transgender individual, working her way through transition. My name's Lily -- if the blog name didn't giv…